Donations contest!

Entering in big exchanges is not that easy, we all know.
This is why we decided to be open towards donations (something we tried to avoid since the beginning). But we want also to reward who is willing to help us, so we decided to open a contest for the top donors!

In our last post we put a reward of 10,000 FUDD to everyone who donates at least 0.05 ETH, but we want to give you more! We will give to the five top donors:

1st. 1,000,000 FUDD
2nd. 750,000 FUDD
3rd. 500,000 FUDD
4th. 350,000 FUDD
5th. 200,000 FUDD

Yes, that’s one million! If you imagine the price of FUDD in some months to 0.30$, or 0.50$, or even 1$, you have won one million dollars just for a few bucks! Right now the top donation is just at 0.78 ETH!!

  • every donation of 0.5 ETH and above will be weekly rewarded with 150,000 FUDD
  • every donation of 0.05 ETH and above will be weekly rewarded with 10,000 FUDD

If you want to make your donation, send your ETH here:


Please note that donations from the same wallet are cumulative: if you send 1 ETH and later another 0.5 ETH, this will count as a total of 1.5 ETH!
This will be for the final price AND for the weekly reward aswell. Two donations from the same address will rack up for the weekly reward, if you want to receive another reward do your donations the following week.

We have published a spreadsheet where everyone can follow the donations and the contest. We will also update this spreadsheet in the future reporting how the ETH will be spent:



We will close the contest on November 11th, 2017, at 23.59 GMT.
Tx time on will be used as a proof.

Final prices will be paid after November 13th, 2017.
Rewards for donations over 0.05 and 0.5 ETH (for transactions done until 23.59 GMT of Saturday) will be paid every Sunday.