Dear FUDDers,

two days has passed since we opened the registrations for the second airdrop and we are really excited to see already more than half the applications of the first airdrop! Our community is growing faster, and we are receiving support for our project in every channel. We firmly believe that communication is always at the base of a strong community, and without a strong community our project cannot exist.

We are now on two exchanges: EtherDelta and IDEX:

We are working on many other bigger exchanges, but as many of you may know, they ask for a fee to be listed. If you would like to help us in this process, and also support our project, there is an ETH address you can freely send any amount:

  • every donation of 0.5 ETH and above will be weekly rewarded with 150,000 FUDD
  • every donation of 0.05 ETH and above will be weekly rewarded with 10,000 FUDD

Please note that donations from the same wallet are cumulative: if you send 0.5 ETH and later another 0.5 ETH, this will count as a total of 1 ETH!

We have published a spreadsheet where everyone can follow the donations. We will also update this spreadsheet in the future reporting how the ETH will be spent:


Exchanges we are working on:

  • C-CEX


Rewards for donations over 0.05 and 0.5 ETH (for transactions done until 23.59 GMT of Saturday) will be paid every Sunday.