Flash token sale

Flash token sale is now live!

We have published a crowdsale contract that interact with the DimonCoin token contract; the token sale has started on Friday, the first of December, at 20:00 GMT, and it will go on for two weeks until Friday 15 December at 19:59 GMT, just some days before the third airdrop. This is done so who is willing to get more tokens from the airdrop (read rules HERE) have a huge opportunity to buy more. The sale cap is 25,000,000 FUDD.

First off, here’s the crowdsale contract address:


The base rate has been decided on the average exchange price of last 3 days: for every 0.01 ETH you will receive 3,000 FUDD. In the first days there will be two different bonus for everyone that will spend at least 0.01 ETH:

  • First 2 days: you will get 20% more FUDD if you spend at least 0.01 ETH
  • From 3rd to 7th day: you will get 10% more if you spend at least 0.01 ETH

In the second week there will be no bonus. To buy FUDD just send your ETH to the crowdsale contract address above. Don’t send any ETH before the sale starts, because you will only waste gas!

Here’s the calendar: