3rd Airdrop Rules

Second airdrop is over, it is now time to register for the third airdrop, which will be on next New Moon, 18th December. As already anticipated, we’ll switch now to a new kind of airdrop, that will reward token holders, although we’ll still distribute to new comers but for an higher minimum required amount.

Everyone who already registered his ETH address doesn’t need to register it anymore. This is considered an “Holder” in our database and will receive the next airdrop following this schema:

  • 1,000 FUDD every 5,000 holding (up to max 50,000 FUDD holding)
  • 1,000 FUDD every 10,000 holding (for everything between 50k and 100k FUDD)

This means that everyone who applied for the first and the second airdrop can now receive up to 15,000 FUDD on third airdrop, based on his FUDD holding. No minimum amount of ETH is required to receive as Holder.

Remember you should have your FUDD out of exchanges in order for us to snapshot your amount! We will take the snapshot the day before the airdrop, so it will be on 17.12.2017.

But we also want to give an airdrop to new comers, but this time we will require a bigger amount on the wallet. They will be considered as “New” in our database and they’ll receive 1,500 FUDD if this rule is respected:

  • The wallet must have a minimum amount of 0.1 ETH at the date of airdrop

After this normal airdrop, new comers will be also rewarded as holders (so they can buy more to receive more):

  • After the normal airdrop you will get a holders reward of 1,000 FUDD every 10,000 (up to max 50,000)

This means that a new comer can receive up to 6,500 FUDD! Remember you should have your FUDD out of exchanges in order for us to snapshot your amount! New addresses can be registered until 16.12.2017 at 20:00 GMT.


First of all, go here: https://dimoncoin.org/wp/?p=187

You can search for your address to see if you already applied and if you’re an “Holder” in the database. You can also submit a new address, but remember: you should provide the new address with a minimum amount of 0.1 ETH.

If your address is not in our database, you can apply by filling the form. You’ll be then considered as “New” and you should provide your address with 0.1 ETH on the date of airdrop. Remember you can also receive an holder reward after the normal airdrop!