Contest result and the upcoming airdrop

Yesterday we closed the donation contest and today we paid the top five donors. We would like to say a big thanks to everyone who trusted us and supported us, even with the smallest amount!
Here’s the final standing:

We will continue to pay the weekly rewards for donations of at least 0.05 and 0.5 ETH every Sunday.

Meanwhile, registrations for the second airdrop has just passed 6900, and our prevision of 7000+ is now near. We will close registrations on November 15th at 20:00 GMT, and the airdrop will be on November 18th. Be sure you have the minimum required amount of 0.01 ETH before the airdrop date to receive your FUDD.
This is the last airdrop with a 0.01 ETH minimum amount as requirement. Starting from the next one it will be mostly an airdrop for FUDD holders, we’re planning a way of distribution based on how much tokens you got in your wallet (but we don’t want to create whales, so there will also be a limit).
There will probably be a distribution for new comers aswell, but we will be asking for more ETH to be in wallets (it could be 0.5 ETH), and the amount distributed for them will be less than now.