A new rule for 2nd Airdrop

A few days have passed since we issued the first airdrop, and our devs analyzed a lot of transactions related to DimonCoin. They found a big number of ETH addresses that transferred everything on a single wallet and then just sold. It was pretty much expected, after all we’re realeasing a coin for free, even though we tried to contain the phenomenon with the minimum required amount; but 0.01 ETH is not that much. This small amount was decided to permit to a large number of people to participate the aidrop, because we strongly believe that consensus is at the base of our project. Maybe we’ll raise this amount for next airdrops, but we cannot change this rule on the fly.

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Dear FUDDers,

two days has passed since we opened the registrations for the second airdrop and we are really excited to see already more than half the applications of the first airdrop! Our community is growing faster, and we are receiving support for our project in every channel. We firmly believe that communication is always at the base of a strong community, and without a strong community our project cannot exist.

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